A lot of phones come locked to the carrier they were intended for and it asks you for a passcode whenever you insert a SIM card that wasn’t intended for the phone to use it. The easiest way around this is to purchase an unlock code. Unlock code suppliers submit your IMEI to the manufacturer or carrier and then get back an unlock code specific to that IMEI for you to input and unlock your phone. After that, your phone is now permanently unlocked and good to go.

Important to Note Before Ordering:

  1. All phones, besides iPhones, must ask for an unlock code when inserting an unauthorized SIM.
  2. There cannot be an Unlock App on the phone.
  3. Refunds cannot be given while the order is in process.
  4. You must have a stock ROM on the phone.
  5. If the code doesn’t work, a video of inputting the code is required for a refund.