Main-In Repairs

Main-In Repairs Service for:

1. Mail in your device. Send us your device packed with the Fault Details.

2. The No-Waiting Game. We strive for a 48-Hour Turnaround time for our repairs. However, they are received on a First Come, First Serve basis so they could take up to 72-Hours to complete.

3. Back in your hands. Once repaired, we get your gadget back out in the mail the same day. Like it never happened. It’s fixed! Relax! You can now get back to life as usual with your professionally, newly repaired device.

Warranty Information All of our repairs (unless otherwise noted) include three months warranty against parts or labor defect. We don’t think you’ll need this warranty, but it is there for your benefit should anything, that we replaced, fail on your device. This warranty does not cover future accidental damages against the repaired device. We cover the part that was replaced.