At PRC, we repair cell phones on a daily basis. In addition, each location is capable of handling all sorts of electronic repairs including laptops, tablets & gaming systems.

We specialize in:

  • iPad repair
  • iPod repair
  • Xbox repair
  • Playstation repair
  • Wii repair
  • iPhone repair
  • Samsung repair
  • HTC repair
  • laptop repair
  • Blackberry repair
  • & so much more!

The repair price estimate includes both replacement parts and labor.

PRC’s limited lifetime warranty covers defects in the parts that we install as well as the labor associated with the repair . The warranty does not cover issues caused by physical or liquid damage

Older devices have been known to slow down if a recent software update has been installed because the phone’s hardware is not equipped to support the new features of the operating system.

After you’ve removed your device from the liquid, dry the outside of the phone being careful to not press any buttons. If possible, remove the battery to decrease the likelihood of a short.

Bring your liquid damaged item to PRC and we will gladly take over from there! For more information on handling water damaged phones.

Yes! If you want to backup data stored on your device, you have come to the right place! PRC technicians provide data backup, data recovery, and data transfer services to ensure you don’t lose any of it.

PRC does not sell parts or tools. We only sell refurbished electronics, tech accessories, and of course offer repairs